A Personal Story, The truth about child workers in Dominican sugar plantations
When documentary photographer Robert Falcetti encountered Dominican sugar cane workers, many of them children, it triggered an instinct to help. “I saw in those children my own kids, and it struck me how different their lives were but how similar their needs are,” said Falcetti. The trip to the plantations wasn’t a planned event, but we came face-to-face with conditions that shouldn’t exist,”...... Join Robert's campaign on Facebook!
Read more | 10 Jan 2012
UK fugitive detained in Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
Liberal Democrats' biggest donor arrested in the Dominican Republic. MULTI-millionaire British fraudster Michael Brown A.K.A. "Nick Clegg" and "Darren Nally" has been arrested in Punta Cana after going on the run, police say. Brown was sentenced in his absence to seven years in jail by Southwark Crown Court...... Update - BBC NEWS, Brown jailed for one year in Dom Rep on pending charges......
Read more | 09 Jan 2012
Dominican Republic presidential candidate targets reporters
TV reporter Joahnna Pérez denounced Thursday that the bodyguards of Hipolito Mejía “roughed her up” while covering his campaign, and becomes the fourth journalist in just three weeks to complain of rough treatment by the ex President....... Journalist of hacked news source slams Police foot-dragging...... See official list of attacks on, and murders of Dominican journalists!
Read more | 07 Jan 2012
World Record, 30.000 burn patients a year in Dom Rep
Listin Diario reports that the Dominican Republic is the only country in the world reporting injuries for electricity theft. DR is the country with the most severe burns, with patients having on average of 48% body burns, while in the US and Europe the average per patient is 30% body burns.......
Read more | 06 Jan 2012
Earthquake 5.3 rattled the entire Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
A moderate tremor of 5.3 magnitude has rattled the entire Dominican Republic, at around 5:32am local time. The tremor shook doors and windows for around 30 seconds.... UPDATE - unleashes rockslides, cuts off southern town.... Strong quake would collapse most towers, top engineer says.......TRAVEL WARNING: Much larger earthquake expected.....!!!
Read more | 13 Jan 2012
Record, 5000 Dominicans deported from U.S. in just one year

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) deported during the past year 4.978 Dominican ex-convicts after serving sentences in U.S. jails. They were accused of drug trafficking, homicide, assault, kidnapping, rape, bank fraud, money laundering and other crimes........, back home they will probably have to continue to sell drugs or rob tourists to survive.....

Read more | 05 Jan 2012
Antinarcotics’ first 2012 bust: 75K of cocaine at Cap Cana marina
The antinarcotics (DNCD) agency seized around 75 kilos of cocaine in the marina at the resort Cap Cana. It said the drug in 74 packages was in four bags aboard the boat “Millennium,” registry PR-6557-GG also confiscated, while the three men were identified as......., the boat was moored between the marina’s C-19 and C-20 docks.......
Read more | 03 Jan 2012
Ferrari 458 Italia in mega crash in Dominican Republic
Farrari accident in Santo Domingo outside Krispy Kreme! The driver was showing off to a girl when he lost control and crashed into a lightpole and then a tree. Alcohol was the cause as the driver left a nightclub with two other 458 Italia’s....... And that's in a country were 70% of the population go hungry to bed!!
Read more | 03 Jan 2012
Wikileaks: Fanjuls 'muscled' lawmakers to kill free trade deal
The cables read like a political thriller: In the Dominican Republic, a "small, powerful coterie of infuriated sugar barons" was trying to sabotage a top American priority, a free trade agreement.  The Senate president "does not control the Senate on this issue," PRESIDENT Fernandez said. "Central Romana" - the Fanjuls' company - "has it blocked." The sugar lobby, Fernandez added, was rich and powerful, and it employed "the man with the suitcase" full of money to bribe congressmen......
Read more | 07 Jan 2012
True Identity of Serial Killer From Dom Rep Revealed
The police in the Dominican Republic revealed today the true identity of the man who was extradited to Panama last month for his alleged involvement in the deaths of five citizens of Chinese origin, and said he escaped from a prison in the country in 2004 after he was imprisoned for kidnapping a Chinese merchant.......The true name of Fermín Antonio Taveras Ramírez, who also used the name of Angel Betancurt, is Gilberto Ventura Ceballos......
Read more | 01 Jan 2012
Two Uruguayan tourists drown in Jarabacoa, Dom Rep
Two Uruguayan tourists have reportedly drowned last Thursday night while taking a bath in Salto de Jimenoa, in Jarabacoa. The victims were identified as Andres Anchoño, 40, and his stepson, Washington Sebastian, 19......
Read more | 31 Dec 2011
Dominican Man Kills Teenaged Ex-Wife, Mayor and Later Himself
Victor Manuel Basilio Mercedes shot and killed his 15-year-old ex-wife Yanelis Acevedo and the mayor of El Seibo, Pablo Pimentel Castro, 44, in what officials are saying was a crime of passion. After shooting the others, he then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.......
Read more | 01 Jan 2012
Rare Disease Detected Among Children in Dominican Republic
A gene mutation disease known as neurodegenerative dystonia first detected among children in the southern Dominican Republic has spread with more cases reported countrywide. WARNING!! - Taking children to the Caribbean can expose them to these diseases.....
Read more | 31 Dec 2011
Dominican Woman Remanded To Prison in Antigua
Paula Peterson was denied bail, and remanded her to Her Majesty's Prison until January 10, 2012 for money laundering. She was nabbed at the airport on Thursday with over US$60,000 plus EC$300. The money was found strapped to her body during a joint operation by the Customs Enforcement Department, and the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy.....
Read more | 31 Dec 2011
US gang battle between the Latin Kings and the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang
Jonathan J. Pereira, a Dominican native and Trinitarios gang member, will be tried as an adult for his confession to police that he committed the crime of shooting a classmate and another man on a walk home from Allen High School.....
Read more | 28 Dec 2011
A Haitian govt official was attacked while visiting Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
"Dangerous DR" - A presidential adviser says that the government minister Daniel Supplice was attacked while visiting DR. Four members of the Dominican police force robbed Supplice and his family Thursday Update - The policeman and several others arrested for the hold-up....... In Cabarete a few days before 6 tourists were robbed at gun point within meters of their hotel....
Read more | 27 Dec 2011
Dominican in U.S. pleads guilty to 3rd-degree murder
Jose Francisco Sosa-Reyes, 24, An illegal immigrant sought for months here and in Puerto Rico by York City Police detectives remains in county prison without bail awaiting sentencing, pleaded guilty Thursday to third-degree murder. He is also known as "Pulga," which is Spanish for flea, he is originally from the Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 23 Dec 2011
Hazoury, Cap Cana involved in huge humanitarian scandal
Desperate RICARDO HAZOURY ? YouTube video state that Hazoury and Cap Cana destroyed 25 homes of working class people in Cabo San Rafael. The houses were demolished with trucks and bulldozers without number plates. Some families lived here for over 20 years and now the road is closed and families have no longer access to their land. This video should make you boycott Cap Cana......
Read more | 24 Dec 2011
Colonel threatens reporters who cover airport drug cases
“I’m an arbitrary man and can easily put you in any drug case if you continue with that practice,” the senior officer said in a threatening tone - DNCD president Rolando Rosado announced Wednesday night an investigation of Lieutenant colonel Johan Liriano, just hours after the journalists denounced his alleged threats......
Read more | 23 Dec 2011
Dominican who killed friend over $500 debt gets up to 40 years in U.S.
Castillo demanded repayment and ended the battle by picking up a brick and slamming it into Sanchez-Villanueva's head. He then stole more than $1,000 from Sanchez-Villanueva's pockets and wired some money to his native Dominican Republic. Castillo also has admitted being in the United States illegally and Banach said he'll have to answer to immigration officials after he's served his sentence.... Recent case show he would probably be a free man in DR.......
Read more | 20 Dec 2011
North Korean leader’s death revives Dominican passport scandals
Although the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il at the age of 69 means little to the Dominican Republic, but the arrest and subsequent expulsion by Japan of his son, Kim Jong-nam for using a false Dominican passport was a case that was never solved.......
Read more | 20 Dec 2011
Consumer Alert: Undeclared Milk in Gollo Brand "Pan Dominicano (Dominican Bread)"
New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrel J. Aubertine today alerted consumers to undeclared milk in "Pan Dominicano (Dominican Bread)", packaged and distributed by Gollo Desserts located at 349 Suydam St. in Brooklyn, NY. People who have severe sensitivity to milk may run the risk of serious or life-threatening reactions if they consume this product.......
Read more | 20 Dec 2011
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