Due to a weak President, It’s corruption that has Dominicans on their knees!
Corruption cases just continues and continues, there is only one question left. Does president Leonel Fernandez have balls to send some of his own supporters to trial? Corrupt political fugures are defrauding the general population and foreign investors of million of dollars and the president himself has promoted very questionable real estate developments.......
Read more | 12 Jul 2011
Watch Out - What you buy is not what you get in the Dom Rep!
Fake or manipulated photos used to make Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic more attractive - UK newspaper is publishing the real photos from Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana.


Columbus didn't 'discover' America, but he did earn a place in history, he remains might not even be in the monument build for him in Santo Domingo.......

Read more | 06 Feb 2012
Cholera from Dominican Republic reach Puerto Rico
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico is reporting the U.S. island’s first case of cholera linked to the current outbreak in neighboring Hispaniola. Health Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano said Monday that the case involved a 70-year-old man who had visited the Dominican Republic for a week......
Read more | 05 Jul 2011
Country’s cholera epidemic is out of control, doctors’ guild says
The Dominican Medical Association affirmed that there are more than 15,000 cholera cases and dozens of deaths which haven’t been properly reported, citing hospitals in Santo Domingo, San Pedro (east), San Cristóbal, Elías Piña and La Romana, as the having the most  patients.......
Read more | 02 Jul 2011
Dominican who killed 15-month-old boy in U.S. to serve 25 years
“No sentence will ever be enough to make up for this loss,” His injuries included bleeding in his brain from being shaken violently, rib fractures, a human bite mark matched to Anziani on his arm with the arm bone beneath it broken in two places, and three small puncture wounds on the bottom of one foot, the prosecutor said. After serving his sentence Anziani is expected to be deported to his native Dominican Republic.......
Read more | 02 Jul 2011
Vicini Group lost legal attack on Dominican Watchdog, Felipe Vicini lies about the Price of Sugar

Felipe Vicini owner of Vicini Group, one of the biggest industrial groups in the Dominican Republic, lost legal attack on Dominican Watchdog. Felipe Vicini and Vicini Group claimed at WIPO the right to domains controlled by Dominican Watchdog in order to prevent negative information about the miserable Dominican sugar operations reach American consumers......

Read more | 17 Dec 2011
Canadian investor killed in Dominican Republic
Aparently the wealthy 68 years old Canadian investor Marcel Adam was killed by a blow to his head in one of his apartments in Sosua by a young Dominican woman now arrested by the police........
Read more | 29 Jun 2011
Companies lose millions in Dominican-China “scrap metal” scam
Several companies linked to 89 containers full of “scrap metal” shipped to China and Vietnam denounced being scammed out of millions of dollars bacause they received dirt and stone instead......
Read more | 29 Jun 2011
Raids on prostitution centres in Dominican Republic
Two minors were rescued from brothels and at least 109 people were taken into custody during raids on prostitution centres and bars in the Dominican Republic. WARNING!! Haiti and Dominican Republic have 80% of the Caribbean’s HIV/AIDS......
Read more | 29 Jun 2011
Police bust airport highway robbers
The National Police has dismantled a gang of thieves who targeted passengers returning to the country via Las Americas International Airport. The gang used hire cars to intercept the passengers on the highway from the airport....... A few months back a similar group was arrested, but released with in days to continue their profitable business.....

Read more | 26 Jun 2011
Dominicans involved in major drug bust at French-Swiss border
Nearly 132 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated 10.4 million euros were seized and 13 people were arrested, including some Dominicans, in a major drug bust at the Basel-Mulhouse airport on the French-Swiss border.......
Read more | 25 Jun 2011
Cholera cases increasing in Haiti and Dominican Republic, UN reports
Cases of cholera are on the rise in Haiti and neighbouring Dominican Republic, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today, saying more than 18,000 new cases in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, have been recorded recently......
Read more | 25 Jun 2011
Mountain resort is the latest Dominican Government scandal
Economy minister Temístocles Montas on Sunday announced that he will propose to president Fernandez to cancel the lease contracts in Jarabacoa’s mountain resort “Ercilia Pepín,” where government officials, military officers and journalists figure in the scandal......
Read more | 25 Jun 2011
Dominican guilty of first-degree murder of man outside Providence nightclub
A jury Thursday found Jesus Danilo Fuentes guilty of fatally shooting a Providence man outside the Platinum Night Club in November 2009. Fuentes then fled to Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, where he was arrested in April 2010.......
Read more | 25 Jun 2011
WikiLeak: Even minor Dominican politicos interest Washington
The cable comments several times on the extraditions of Quirino Paulino and the Ulloa brothers, people trafficking, political corruption, police killings, the Haiti situation, drug trafficking and money laundering. District Senator and general secretary of the ruling PLD party Reinaldo Pared Pérez has admitted to the purchase of an apartment from drug-trafficker Luis David Ulloa, as revealed by the Wikileaks.....
Read more | 25 Jun 2011
Eastern politicos try to steal assets seized in U.S Medicaid fraud, investigator says
The head of the Justice Ministry’s Anti-money Laundering Unit revealed Monday that `prominent' political leaders in the East region are using the properties seized from the Benítez brothers......
Read more | 21 Jun 2011
Journalist’s ghost haunts the Dominican Government (Update 2 The family speaks out)
A  source familiar with the investigation affirms that Gonzalez, whose frail health was widely known, died in the hands of authorities, “who were forced to drop his body from a helicopter into the Caribbean,” for which the Government seeks to protect the identities of those involved...... Finally after 17 years, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear the statements of the widow and children of university professor Narciso Gonzalez, "Narcisazo", who disappeared on 26 May 1994.......
Read more | 29 Jun 2011
CNN Report: Newark airport screeners targeted Dominicans
Security screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport singled out Mexican and Dominican passengers for nearly two years, according to a federal report obtained by The Star-Ledger newspaper.......
Read more | 18 Jun 2011
Only Dominican President can halt major probe, Anti-Corruption chief says
Anti-Corruption Department (DPCA) director Otoniel Bonilla revealed Friday that the search of the office of Angel Lockward is part of an investigation into his tenure as ambassador in Colombia, including the alleged irregular import of dozens of luxury vehicles into the country.......
Read more | 18 Jun 2011
The rich and poor steal US$500M in electricity - Update - Why electricity is too expensive!
State-owned Power Companies (CDEEE) CEO Celso Marranzini affirmed Tuesday that energy theft reaches around US$500 million, including society’s upper, middle and lower classes...... Update: CDEEE just needs 20 staff, the other 700 is hired due to policital pressures......
Read more | 21 Jun 2011
Manhattan DA confirms bust of mostly Dominican drug ring
The alleged narcotics traffickers, of ages 22 to 64, face 19 counts of conspiracy in second degree to distribute ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana in that neighborhood, where a sixth suspect, as yet unidentified, was also arrested......
Read more | 15 Jun 2011
What has resulted from Leonel's trips? Next to nothing!
Investigative journalist Alicia Ortega followed up on the difference between the announcements of achievements of the trips and reality.The trips has cost the Dominican people millions of dollars, but the results "are not very visible........
Read more | 15 Jun 2011
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