Travel Warning, Eggs Front and Center of Crime Spree in Dominican Republic
Thieves and assailants are now using eggs mixed with water to carry out robberies and assaults on cars and trucks. Their tactic, generally employed at night, is to throw eggs at a vehicle’s windshield, and when the driver’s near-automatic reflex of engaging the wipers produces an opaque mess, the driver is forced to stop in order to clean the mess, and the assailants make their move......
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“Miches is just like any hot slum,” community leader warns
Crimes such as burglaries, armed assaults, and drug consumption in the coastal town of Miches are so rampant, that in the last 10 years drug trafficking has become the main source of jobs for the community’s youngsters, Artes Miches Foundation president Servido Candelario denounced Monday.......
Read more | 01 Jun 2011
Dominican censorship, judge jails TV host after defamation trial opens
Again Reporters Without Borders is after the censorship of information in the Dominican Republic after journalist was jailed for 3 months in a complete nonsense case by the DA to prevent freedom of speech and the truth to get out........
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Dominican sentenced in U.S. after 3rd illegal entry
Polanco was first deported to his home country in 2001 after being convicted on drug charges. Friday that Reynaldo Hilario Polanco was sentenced after he completed a separate sentence for larceny. Polanco was arrested on that charge in March 2008......
Read more | 28 May 2011
'I shot the cruellest dictator in the Americas'
Henry Dearborn, de facto CIA station chief in the Dominican Republic, wrote: "If I were a Dominican, which thank heaven I am not," I would favour destroying Trujillo......, Read also about the grusome lifes of the 3 Mirabal sisters!
Read more | 28 May 2011
Dominican police officer fatally shot by colleague during dispute at cash machine
Authorities in the Dominican Republic say a policeman has been shot to death by a fellow officer in apparent dispute over use of a cash machine on payday......
Read more | 27 May 2011
Dominican Republic general linked to underworld case, but not alone!
An interrogation of the details behind an ID of the National Investigations Department (DNI) issued to the Puerto Rican drug baron Jose Figueroa Agosto has finally led to what was widely suspected, the involvement of senior military officers and government officials in the money laundering, drug trafficking, and murder-for-hire case......
Read more | 03 Sep 2011
Dominican Republic takes action to stop Haitian immigrants
The Dominican Republic authorities has launched clamp down to stop the flow of undocumented Haitian immigrants into its capital. Military and the migration authorities stopped public and private transportation vehicles in four major highways leading to Santo Domingo and arrested large amounts haitians.....
Read more | 25 May 2011
Dominican Republic native in prison on gun and silencer charges in Antigua
Antiguan police arrested Dominican, Ramon Valezquez when walking down the street with a .380 Taurus gun and a silencer......
Read more | 25 May 2011
Dominican Health Ministry finally declares cholera alert - Spreding all over the country!
A wave of new cholera cases has prompted the Dominican Republic's Health Ministry to declare a state of alert in 17 neighbourhoods in the capital....... two deaths in recent days! Update 2 - Cholera has spred all over the country!




Read more | 25 May 2011
Marijuana Plants Discovered In Dominican Prison
A spokesman for the National Drug Control Agency says officers making a surprise inspection found 33 plants inside two cells in a prison in Najayo, just outside the capital of Santo Domingo.......
Read more | 17 May 2011
Man Wanted In 2008 Death Arrested In Dominican Republic
Federal authorities said they traveled to the Dominican Republican to arrest Carlos Luis Pinelas-Mejia suspected in the 2008 shooting death of a Rock Hill woman.......
Read more | 17 May 2011
Dominican Sentenced to 24 Yrs in Prison for Drug Smuggling Through Port of Savannah
Disguised as longshoremen, who had disembarked the M/V Cosco Boston, they boarded a taxi to take them to the gate of the Garden City Terminal. When the taxi driver advised the men to have their identification ready, they jumped out of the taxi and ran into a wooded area. The three men were eventually apprehended in the woods with 4 kilo of cocaine........
Read more | 13 May 2011
Cement mafia operating in the Dominican Republic - Update 2
Caribbean Cement shipped its first batch of 2,500 tons of cement to the Dominican Republic - which has the capacity to absorb three million tonnes of the commodity annually - and declared its intention last month to capture at least 10 per cent of that market over time. but the cement was seized to avoid competition....... Update 2 - Jamaica issues cerment ultimatum to Dominican Republic..... Update 3 - Cement, rebar 15% jump roils construction, draws boycott threat........





Read more | 21 Oct 2011
Willy Aybar was imprisoned for beating his wife back in January
Willy Aybar was sentenced to three months in prison in the Dominican Republic after he beat his wife. Aybar’s wife ended up in intensive care for an extended period of time, in critical condition........
Read more | 12 May 2011
2 Dominicans killed during protests
Welcome to the 3rd. world - Tourists beware, the conflict about little to no money spend on education in the DR is growing. On Wednesday, 22-year-old student Aquiles Nunez was fatally shot by a stray bullet while she traveled in a bus near the protest site......
Read more | 12 May 2011
Canadian man left to die in Dominican hospital
Ronayne said his big trouble started in October when he went to a cell phone store to exchange a phone that wouldn't work even though it was new. He said he was provoked by a woman in line, which is part of a common scam against tourists, and was arrested when she claimed he had assaulted her. The charge landed him in jail and later in the hospital.........
Read more | 30 Jun 2011
IPI Says State of Press Freedom in the Americas Still Alarming
In the Dominican Republic, where nine incidents of violence against journalists were reported in January alone. In a move against impunity, however, Dominican officials in February brought charges against police who allegedly plotted last June’s attempted assassination of journalist Jordi Veras......
Read more | 10 May 2011
Customs warns metal exporters must prove source
Customs director Rafael Camilo affirmed Sunday that the ban on copper exports continues, as a measure to halt the theft of telephone cables and power lines, as well as any metallic materials whose origin cannot be justified based on official requirements........
Read more | 10 May 2011
Dominican Government to keep poor people ignorant and at the bottom of society, Update 2
Dominican Republic is among the worst countries in Latin American and Caribbean when it comes to spending money on education. This is a well planed strategic by President Leonel which ensures, that only the rich families keeps prospering and can share the country's  resources between them. By not giving access to education the only chance of a bright future with money is to be corrupt........ Update 2 - U.S. Embassador gives his comments on the education system as DR students got the worst results in math, reading and science among 16 Latin American countries and second worst among 67 countries in the International Student Evaluation Program!
Read more | 26 May 2011
More Dominicans traffic drugs to Europe, Europol says
Increasing participation in cocaine trafficking by criminals from the Dominican Republic. “The role of Dominican intermediaries would be leading to an increase in the violence between drug mafias which try to illicitly deal cocaine in Europe.”........
Read more | 05 May 2011
Delegation of Dominican students tours cut short after money for DC trip is stolen
12 high school students traveling as the Dominican Republic Juvenile Parliament planned to visit Washington, D.C., to address the Organization of American States when they flew into JFK Airport on April 21. “But their trip was blown off course when they discovered that the Dominican Government official who had arranged their visas had allegedly pocketed the US$2,000 (around RD$60,000) that each student paid for hotels and meals.”.........
Read more | 05 May 2011
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